Urban and regional economics and policy

15 July


Bianca Biagi - Università di Sassari, GSSI & CRENoS

Marco Delogu - Università di Sassari & CRENoS

Claudio Detotto - Università di Corsica & CRENoS

Keynote speaker
Michel Beine, Université de Luxembourg

The goal of this session is to explore the complexities of urban regional and regional economics. Papers covering different topics on urban and regional economics from a theoretical, empirical and/or policy-oriented perspectives are welcome. The workshop is open to contributions on social, cultural, economic, environmental and sustainability including topics such as quality of life, happiness and life satisfaction.

The organisers invite academic researchers, scholars and policy makers to contribute to scientific, technical and/or managerial papers that explore this topic in both developing and developed economies, islands, cities, metropolitan areas, towns and villages. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcomed.


Environmental and ecological economics

16 July


Marta Meleddu - Università di Sassari & CRENoS

Dominique Prunetti - Università di Corsica

Marco Vannini - Università di Sassari & CRENoS

Keynote speaker
Silvia Ferrini, Università di Siena and University of East Anglia

The purpose of the session is to review the economics analysis of environmental issues in order to provide a platform for cutting-edge research that would enrich, refine, and challenge our understanding of environmental system, climate change, land use, ecosystem function and services. The workshop is open to contributions on environmental and ecological economics including topics on evaluation of environmental goods and services, sustainability, and land use.

The organisers invite academic and policy-oriented researchers to submit paper or research proposals on the above topics. Theoretical, empirical papers and/or policy-oriented perspectives are welcomed.