Political Economy
27-28 June


Matteo Gamalerio - Universitat de Barcelona

Massimo Morelli - Università Bocconi

Keynote speaker
Hulya Eraslan - Rice University
"Bargaining in the Shadow of Uncertainty"

The Political economy session aims to focus mostly on work (theoretical or empirical) on the theme of institutional reforms:

  • positive analysis about political and/or bureaucracy related institutional obstacles to desirable reforms;  

  • normative analysis about new desirable institutional designs.

The two main themes above are motivated  both by  the climate of reforms initiated in conjunction with the  post covid next generation EU resilience progect and by the  worries related to climate change and geopolitical instability.

Any other work on the positive or normative analysis of institutions will be considered, and  even work on individual behavior can be considered if useful to inform also the evaluation of  some institutions.

Digital economics
27-28 June


Elias Carroni - Università di Bologna

Marco Delogu - Università di Sassari

Leonardo Madio - Università di Padova

Dimitri Paolini - Università di Sassari

Keynote speaker
Özlem Bedre-Defolie - ESMT Berlin

The Digital  economics session mainly focuses  on the economic analysis (theoretical or empirical) of digital markets with particular emphasis on:

  • policy issues (antitrust and regulation) related to digital platforms and social media;

  •  strategic behavior of firms operating in these markets;

  • use of big data and artificial intelligence as strategic tools  for firms to compete.

The three main themes above are motivated by the challenges that policymakers face when dealing with the specificity of digital markets and by the need of an economic understanding (theoretical and empirical) of the driving forces and welfare consequences of firms strategies in the digital era.

Financial Intermediation
29-30 June


Pasqualina Arca - Università di Sassari

Gianfranco Atzeni - Università di Sassari

Luca Deidda - Università di Sassari

Andrew Ellul - Kelley School of Business

Caterina Mendicino - European Central Bank

Ettore Panetti - Università di Napoli Federico II

Keynote speaker
Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm School of Economics

The Financial intermediation session will focus on a number of themes, specifically the role of banking and non-banking financial institutions in the transmission of shocks and policies to the real economy, sustainable finance, financing of small and medium sized enterprises, and the interaction between fintech and traditional financial intermediation. To this end, the sessions will bring together researchers working on banking, corporate finance and financial regulation to discuss the most recent advances of the academic literature on these topics. Authors of both theory (micro and macro) and empirical papers are encouraged to submit their work.